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Making the Most of Your Pet's Routine Exam: Questions to Ask Your Vet

Throughout your pet's life, you will visit the vet, primarily for routine exams, during which you can address any concerns you may have. Our vets in Diamond Bar discuss common questions clients pose to our vets. This information will assist you in preparing for your visit and maximizing the benefits of your pet's routine exam.

What are some common questions for vets?

Knowing the right questions to ask your vet can enhance your preparation and guarantee that you cover all necessary topics during your pet's routine exam. Preparing your veterinary questions, even in writing if needed, allows you to acquire all the information required for your cat's or dog's well-being.

Here, the veterinarians at our Diamond Bar animal hospital provide some common questions you should pose to your vet.

Typical Questions to Ask a Veterinarian

Is my cat or dog due for any booster shots?

Vaccines are crucial in providing ongoing, lifelong care for your beloved companion. Routine vaccinations help prevent various serious and life-threatening diseases. The veterinarians at our Diamond Bar vet clinic always strive to keep you informed about your pet's booster shot schedule. However, it's advisable to proactively inquire, as it's easy for these reminders to be overlooked.

Should I schedule my cat or dog for a dental cleaning or exam?

Maintaining the oral and overall health of cats and dogs requires regular dental care, yet most pets often lack the necessary oral hygiene to ensure the well-being of their teeth and gums.

At our veterinary hospital in Diamond Bar, we actively deliver comprehensive dental care for your pets, encompassing dental exams, teeth cleanings, polishing, and surgeries.

Furthermore, we are pleased to enlighten pet parents about the dental care requirements for their cats and dogs.

Is my cat or dog behaving normally?

Your pet might occasionally exhibit peculiar behaviors, such as itching, coughing, or behaving oddly. It's crucial to observe these behaviors and consult your vet consistently. Your vet can assess whether there is an underlying condition. Additionally, make an effort to supply as much information as possible about when and where your pet was bitten or encountered the pest. This information will aid your vet in making an accurate diagnosis.

Does my cat or dog need any weight management?

Keeping track of your cat or dog's weight can pose challenges. Determining whether they are underweight or overweight can be perplexing. Each breed and age of pets has its own set of specific weight guidelines crucial for maintaining a healthy life. Even a slight deviation from these guidelines, whether excess pounds or insufficient weight, can expose your pet to various life-threatening health conditions. This underscores the significance of this question. If your cat or dog is not at a healthy weight, your veterinarian will assist you in devising a diet and exercise plan to guide your pet back to a healthy weight.

Am I feeding my pet a healthy diet?

All pets require a balanced diet comprising protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, and water. When selecting food for your cat or dog, examine its components to ensure it meets your pet's specific needs.

Consult your vet to determine if your food is suitable for your cat or dog. Given that your pet's requirements evolve, discussing their diet at least once a year is advisable.

How can I help my cat or dog exercise?

Exercise is crucial for your pet to stay strong and healthy physically and mentally. The type and amount of exercise your pet needs will vary depending on the kind of pet you have, their age, and breed. Your vet will be able to help you determine how much energy your pet needs to burn each day and offer some recommendations for the types of exercises your pet will enjoy.

Do you need to perform any diagnostic tests like bloodwork today?

Diagnostic testing enables your vet to monitor your pet's ongoing health actively and reveals when your companion is experiencing a health concern. Since pets cannot verbally express their feelings, these tests play a vital role. Your vet can employ diagnostic tests to identify and promptly address the issue.

Is my pet due for any preventive care for fleas or ticks?

Fleas and ticks are a valid concern for many pet owners. These pests can easily come into contact with your pet every time you bring them outside and can cause various serious diseases. With so many different products available, knowing which would be best for you and your pet can be hard. Luckily, your veterinarian can recommend or prescribe a prevention product that will work best for your furry companion. 

What are the items that make up my bill?

Feel free to inquire about the breakdown of your bills consistently. Your veterinarian can elucidate the meaning of each fee, providing you with a clearer understanding of the services rendered. This can also help you anticipate what to expect on your next visit.

Note: The advice provided in this post is intended for informational purposes and does not constitute medical advice regarding pets. For an accurate diagnosis of your pet's condition, please make an appointment with your vet.

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